At the age of 4/5 years old Jonny Dosé became interested in guitaring. He was first influenced by Gospel and Jazz by his father. He started making makeshift guitars out of Castrol tins, wood and elastic band. Fast forward to the Age of 14 where he was inspired to play guitar properly after hearing a Jimi Hendrix record and began guitar lessons the next day.

At the age of 19 Jonny decided he wanted to become a pro guitarist and seeked out the best teacher in Cape Town, Richard Pryor. He attended lessons with Richard for 3 years and worked hard on playing and mastering many styles. He continued to get experience by playing in his church band at The Bay City Church from 15 until the unexpected happened.

At the age of 23 now playing for quite sometime he was faced with what could have been the end to his dream and way of life as a professional musician, he found out he had damaged his left hand and was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. After a year and a half he recovered from CTS only for it to return again at the age of 26 but this time he was told the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was now chronic. He decided to undertake surgery on his hand in the hopes of correcting this issue but instead it made it worse.

Jonny decided he wasn’t willing to give up on his dream. He eventually found a physio in Fish Hoek and took two and a half years to get rehabilitated. Jonny has had to fight for his career and dream.

Jonny Started to teach just before he was diagnosed and continued while he had it.

The disease delayed his professional performance start which began at the age of 29. He has since had the privilege of playing with some incredible stars such as Richard Stirton, Amy Tjasink, Carla low, Michael Louwman, PS Quint and many more and he is currently endorsed by Blackstar and Dimazio.

Jonny is passionate and enthusiastic he loves playing live and making music. He really enjoys teaching people who want to learn. He too continues to hone and grow his skills and has recently started learning under Mike Bester who has a masters from Burkley Music Institute.

Jonny’s style and career has been influence by Joe Satriani, Guthrie Govan, John Coltrain, Dizzy Gelespee, Brent Macen and Johnny Hiland just to name a few.

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