Lessons with Jonny

Jonny is very passionate about teaching and has been giving lessons for more than 13 years to all levels of guitar as well as having a resident teaching job at Bishops Diocesan College. So whether you have no knowledge or experience with a guitar or you have been playing professionally for many years, Jonny enjoys customizing lessons according to how each student learns to meet their needs in order to help them progress and develop effectively. All levels are welcome from Beginner to Advanced or Group/Band. Jonny also offers mentorship for those who want to go profesional.

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If you are a First time Guitarist with no experience or wanting to learn the basics of Guitaring. Young or old these one on one lessons are for you.

What you will learn

  • Reading Notes
  • Reading Tabs
  • Basic Chords
  • Basic Harmony Grade 1&2
  • Basic Theory
  • Basic Rhythm & Timing
  • Strumming
  • Chord Changes
  • Basic Scales
  • Songs
  • Playing Technique (Right or Left Handed)
  • How to maintain your Instrument
  • How to Tune your Guitar
  • Music History


To be fluent with Chord Changes and be able to have the basics & methodology to play your instrument and preform basic songs while having fun.


Lessons for a more experienced Guitarist looking to take their playing to another level and have the skills to be able to play in a group/band.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to alternate picking
  • Major Scale Caged positions
  • Modes of Major Scale
  • Advanced Note & Tab Reading
  • Learning Various genres such as Jazz, Blues, Funk & Rock
  • Introduction to Improv
  • Finger Styles
  • Chord Theory & Harmony
  • Ear Training
  • How to set up instruments
  • Music History
  • Customizable Lessons


To be proficient enough to play live or in a Band/Group.


These lessons are for any one playing in any professional capacity and in need of honing or increasing their level of skills and techniques.

What you will learn

  • Advanced Techniques: Alternate Picking; Sweep Picking; Economy Picking
  • Chord Extensions
  • Advanced Chord Theory & Harmony
  • Major & Minor Scale
  • Modes of Major Scale
  • Modes of Melodic & Harmonic Minor Scale
  • Higher Level Note & Tab Reading


  • Advanced Imrov: Playing over Chord Changes: Arpeggios & Mondial Improv
  • Exploring Different Styles and Genres at a Higher Level
  • Mentoring – For advanced players to be equipped to play professionally
  • Customizable Lessons- Learn what you want to learn.


To be able to make a career out of music.


Lessons specifically for Individuals and Groups/Bands who want to build technique and take their preformance to a higher level.

What you will learn

  • Playing musically together
  • Band Musical Dynamics
  • Rhythm Dynamics
  • Into to Equalizers & Compression
  • Intro to Mixing
  • Healthy Music Culture
  • Music Management
  • Understanding Rhythm, Harmony & Melody in a Band context
  • Stage Performance
  • Work Ethics
  • Live Performance preparation


To be able to play live on stage as a Group/Band and melt faces.


What Jonny Offers

Jonny Dose offers mentoring to up and coming musicians to equip and teach them skills and knowledge to play music professionally and  become a successful full time musician.

This mentorship is a safe way to take advantage of Jonny’s 20 plus years of experience since 1998 of which he has been playing professionally since 2005.

Jonny will be sharing the skills and knowledge that he has recieved through his experience but also from what he has learnt from his mentors such as Richard Pryor (Richard Pryor Band, Boulevard Blues Band) and Jazz Master Mike Bester (Mike Bester Band).


To equip and support musicians in the harsh and sometimes cruell music industry and give them a foot up.


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